PESA Pagan Enclave of South Africa

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PESA Pagan Enclave of South Africa is a non-profit company aimed at empowering South Africa as a whole. Our heart-felt project is the GreenGrove Housing Project which heals, skill-trains and places abused and disadvantaged women, children and men back into society. This project is based solely on sponsors as well as our magazine and our academy.


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The PESA Magazine. To advertise or to find out more please email our magazine staff on

The PESA Academy trains Pagan Ministers to bring spirit back into the nation. For more information please email our admin staff at the academy on

About us


The GreenGrove Housing Project rehabilitates abused women, men and children. 288 women and children are placed back into society every year. To assist us or to find out more, please email us on:

GreenGrove Housing Project

The PESA Academy

The PESA Magazine

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