PESA Pagan Enclave of South Africa

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About us

The people behind PESA Pagan Enclave of South Africa come from all walks of faith, however, each one of them have one thing in common - a passion for uplifting and empowering people.

PESA Pagan Enclave of South Africa was registered in January 2020, since our inception, we have grown immensely, with writers for our magazine, sales staff, a full board of directors and a full committee of spiritual leaders from all walks of faith. We all believe in our beautiful South Africa, and believe in the necessity of the spiritual connection of her people.

PESA's main objective is the GreenGrove Housing Project which aims to empower those people who many forget about. We aim to strengthen our economy from the ground, up, through working through the poverty and healing the people. Our mission is first and foremost to the mothers and the children of this country, and then her men and boys. We believe that there is a singular spirit guiding each one of us and regardless of how we follow this spirit, or what we call this spirit, it is the very essence of what we are. Each and every human contains this pure essence, and it is this essence that we work with, to heal the abuse, heal the wounds and bring the people back to their life purpose.

The PESA Academy and the PESA Magazine funds the GreenGrove Housing Project as best as it can, but your assistance is really what assists us in healing and empowering the people. The GreenGrove Housing Project is not a shelter, it is a world-first concept born from experience, wisdom and faith. It is a solution to heal the people.

If you would like to find out how you can be part of the PESA Movement, feel free to email us on:

Blessed be!

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